Asphalt 4

"iPhone's most anticipated racing game," Asphalt 4: Elite Racing™ revolutionizes car races:
- Race against your friends in the exclusive Wi-Fi multiplayer mode.
- 28 licensed rides from the world's most prestigious car manufacturers: Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Chevrolet Corvette, and more.
- Use your phone as a steering wheel thanks to the accelerometer controls!
- The best 3D graphics available on an iPhone driving game.
- Hours of high-speed driving entertainment: 5 racing modes, 12 cities such as New York, Shanghai, Dubai, and Paris.
Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?
Recommended for fans of car games.
Follow the official Asphalt Twitter account to get more info about the game:
Vendor: Gameloft
Tags: Racing
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Uploaded: 29 мар 2023 г., 12:09
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iOS 6 / iPhone
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