Breakout Bears

Описание от Sumea:

Dan and Geri are two little bears travelling with their father, the Bear King. But something goes horribly wrong and the little bears are stranded on Floating Islands, a dangerous place crawling will all sorts of nasty creatures. You must help them to destroy the island crystals so that they can find their way home.

Breakout Bears™ is a puzzle adventure game of two bears, Dan and Geri. Dan can shoot at weaker enemies turning them into ice blocks. Geri can raise floor tiles into barriers against enemies or to help control the ice blocks. Both bears can push ice blocks to squash enemies, create barriers or build bridges across gaps of open water.

The player can switch between the two bears at will and carefully planned use of both bears is often crucial to winning the level. Dan and Geri have only three minutes before the island sinks but fortunately there are phones scattered about so they can call their father and receive helpful tips on how to proceed.

Breakout Bears™ features colourful graphics, sympathetic lead characters and easy-to-learn controls. However, with 30 islands, dynamic playfields, multiple enemy types and a strict time limit the game poses a true challenge to both brainpower and reflexes. No two games are the same and there is often more than one way to solve a puzzle.

Отличная игрушка, смесь аркады и головоломки. Два медвежонка путешествуют по Летучим Островам. От кристалла к кристаллу, от острова к острову. Чтобы добиться успеха, надо переключаться между медвежатами и использовать их уникальные возможности. В пути вам поможет советник, который будет давать подсказки. Всего в игре шесть уровней. Для прохождения придется не только поломать голову, но и проявить недюжинную реакцию и скорость нажатия кнопки «огонь»!
Vendor: Sumea
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Uploaded: 2 апр 2024 г., 22:19
Updated: 3 апр 2024 г., 9:19
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